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Family Day 2018

Family Day 2018

Our first long weekend of the year and there is lots to do! Carling Township (just north of the Town of Parry Sound) is hosting a day of fun on Saturday at Centennial Park.  For details on the address and contact number, here is the link:  CLICK HERE! Want to stick in Town?  There is … Continue reading

License Free Fishing Week! July 2015

License Free Fishing Week! July 2015

Did we all get through the sound of fireworks for the Canada Day 148th year celebrations?  Don’t be surprised if you hear those continue into the weekend.  School is out and summer is in full swing in Parry Sound! Now…even though I am by no means an avid fisherwoman, I KNOW there are tons of … Continue reading

Turn Back The Clocks!

So we made it through another season, Halloween is done, today Hydro rates change to winter ones, Jeff Young and Muskoka Roads is playing at the Humphrey Arena, and for an extra hour? I guess you have to go and find out! Not sure the extra hour is that big a deal? Here’s 50 ideas … Continue reading

Sick of the ice covering Georgian Bay?

Yes yes…I have been slacking on my blog posts. I am the first to admit, it’s been a long and cold snowy winter. And I am really not a winter person-AT ALL! So my apologies, i was virtually hibernating. Once I am independently rich, my travel agent will be first on my speed dial once … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Parry Sound

New Year’s Eve in Parry Sound

Another year is ready to be celebrated! Got your plans yet? There is lots to do so I wanted to give you some options for ringing in 2014! Returning to Parry Sound after two events this year (Parry Sound Ribfest & the 3rd Annual Amazing Race) The Travelling Beer Bellies are back at the Bobby … Continue reading

AUGUST!? Already?!!

I cannot believe how this summer has flown by!  The real estate market has been busy…I have been keeping myself going in dealing with vacant lots, cottages, and city people deciding that a smaller town lifestyle is for them!  And why not Parry Sound?  We have so much going on, you can’t help but enjoy yourself!  Whether … Continue reading

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

                    Welcome to Summer!  Are you heading to our town for the Long Weekend to Kick Off Summer 2013? Parry Sound is finally done with the cold weather (It BETTER be!) with temperatures expected to be in the 20’s this weekend! The blackflies are coming out, hopefully they aren’t too bad. But load up on the … Continue reading

Top o’ da mornin’ to ya! It’s #11!

Have you felt “in a pinch” this week?  That is one legend for St. Patrick’s Day…that wearing green makes you invisible to the leprechauns, so they don’t pinch you! Are you one that enjoys celebrating this holiday with some green beer and traditional Irish dishes like colcannon, coddle or Irish Stew? I used to live … Continue reading