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Family Day 2018

Family Day 2018

Our first long weekend of the year and there is lots to do! Carling Township (just north of the Town of Parry Sound) is hosting a day of fun on Saturday at Centennial Park.  For details on the address and contact number, here is the link:  CLICK HERE! Want to stick in Town?  There is … Continue reading

Summer Is HERE in Parry Sound!

Summer Is HERE in Parry Sound!

The Farmer’s Market tent is open, the weekly Summer Market in the park begins next Tues June 30th – and runs every Tuesday from 9am until 2pm. That means the season is finally here! Even though most days it still doesn’t quite feel like it. School’s out this week, and it’s time to start planning … Continue reading

Turn Back The Clocks!

So we made it through another season, Halloween is done, today Hydro rates change to winter ones, Jeff Young and Muskoka Roads is playing at the Humphrey Arena, and for an extra hour? I guess you have to go and find out! Not sure the extra hour is that big a deal? Here’s 50 ideas … Continue reading

Boston Pizza has arrived!

Boston Pizza has arrived!

The rumours circulated for years…Which restaurant was going to be opening in the south end of town.  In the real estate business, we get approached by people all the time either asking or telling us information that they “hear”.  I heard East Side Mario’s was coming, Boston Pizza and once I even heard Red Lobster … Continue reading

AUGUST!? Already?!!

I cannot believe how this summer has flown by!  The real estate market has been busy…I have been keeping myself going in dealing with vacant lots, cottages, and city people deciding that a smaller town lifestyle is for them!  And why not Parry Sound?  We have so much going on, you can’t help but enjoy yourself!  Whether … Continue reading

I always went out of town for this!!

Did you know Parry Sound has a passport office? Yes, they do!! Just above the Post Office at 74 James Street. I came across this by accident one day picking up some forms at Service Canada. So, I didn’t have to race to Mississauga to get mine 3 days before I went on vacation a … Continue reading

Parry Sound Business to Business!

On this Fall day, I am heading to a monthly meeting I happily attend.   I get very excited to meet with everyone, and I thought it would be a perfect blog entry. Whether you are new to Parry Sound and looking for a job or to start your own business, have a new business or … Continue reading

Top o’ da mornin’ to ya! It’s #11!

Have you felt “in a pinch” this week?  That is one legend for St. Patrick’s Day…that wearing green makes you invisible to the leprechauns, so they don’t pinch you! Are you one that enjoys celebrating this holiday with some green beer and traditional Irish dishes like colcannon, coddle or Irish Stew? I used to live … Continue reading