CALLING ALL COTTAGERS! …And those of you that wish you were…

Spring has finally arrived!  Not Georgian Bay, but some of the smaller inland lakes are hanging on tight to the ice and snow, but not for much longer.  We had temperatures into the 20’s this weekend which melted a majority of the snow (hereby leaving some places extra muddy, but, I’ll take it!) but it’s just a matter of time, until the Cottagers are ready to come and open up their properties, getting ready for the May Long Weekend.  Victoria Day falls on Monday May 23rd this year…giving us just a few weeks to get ready so there is time to enjoy the extra time in Cottage Country here in Parry Sound. 

Do you own your Cottage?  Maybe you have friends or family that do, so how about lending a hand with some of these items in lieu of spending time there?  That will guarantee you another invite!  🙂



  • Clean Linens & Towels (Even if there is laundry available, if you run into an opening water issue, you’re still covered)
  • Toilet Paper (Those pesky critters could have made good use of that over the winter!  Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks)
  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Spare Keys for the Cottage and Outbuildings
  • Cleaning Kit (Paper Towels, Sponges, Soaps)
  • Batteries (Flashlights could have died over the winter)
  • Food & Propane for the BBQ
  • Oil & Gas for any Lawnmowers or ATV’s (Even if you have some, you will use it up over the season)
  • Coolers (Just in case the Fridge has issue)

YES! YOU MADE IT! What do you do first?

First thing to do is to smile and enjoy the view!  Summer is coming!  You are best to take this time to walk around your property, looking for fallen trees or branches that are on or near the buildings and roofs.  Check for cracked windows, broken deck railings or planks.  Don’t forget to look at the siding, the chimney, missing screens, then the beams/piers, or foundation for new cracks. 

Ensure there were no break in attempts and check doors and locks for any sight of forced entry or break in.  (If that is the case, be sure to proceed with caution, taking notes, and not disturbing any damage or evidence of the culprits, and alert the Police). 

Check your dock and water levels and see what kind of maintenance it could require.  (Hopefully your Dock is still there?)

All good?  Now time to get inside! 

Flip on the breaker for the lights (wait until the water system is on before turning on the Water Heater breaker). 

Look up…inspect all the ceilings for any potential water damage, corners for cracking.  Check drawers and cupboards for remnants of those pesky critters we mentioned! 

You will likely have a checklist of how to turn on the Water, and the Hot Water Tank.  Let the owners do this, unless you have done it before.  Some systems can be unique, so refer to the manuals when needed! 

Depending on when the cottage was closed up for the season, or if it was used all winter, check when the septic was last pumped.  You may want to schedule a pump-out for a stress-free season! 

Now come the routine tasks, where all ages can pitch in…inside and outside!  Vacuum, sweep, make beds, wash out the fridge, wash windows, clean the fireplace, clear twigs and sweep walkways, and the best part?

……….Set up the bonfire area & grab the marshmallows!  It’s been a long day! 🙂



Quick!  Whether you own a Cottage or not, Take this poll!  And if you don’t own one yet, I’d love to help you in the process!

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