The Psychic and Wellness Fair is BACK!

…and it’s back for the sixth (seventh?) time I believe!   Below is a video interview I did with organizer, Sherry Mair in 2012 (that long ago?!) when there was 22 vendors.  This year I count over 30 vendors.  Taking place today and tomorrow at the Bobby Orr Community Centre in Downtown Parry Sound.  The sun in shining today, but it’s a bit chilly, so a great day to wander through the Fair and visit the vendors, get a reading, enjoy a massage, buy some unique items and enjoy a Saturday in Parry Sound!

Here’s the first interview:  Taking it back to 2012 !

The list is here for the Vendors and Lecture Times, or join the Facebook Group for detailed information on this Fair and upcoming Fairs!  FB Page

I’m heading down there today, but I’m no psychic so I don’t know if I’ll see you there….but stop and say hi if you see me!  Happy Weekend!  Make it Count!

Psychic and Wellness Fair 2016



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