License Free Fishing Week! July 2015

Did we all get through the sound of fireworks for the Canada Day 148th year celebrations?  Don’t be surprised if you hear those continue into the weekend.  School is out and summer is in full swing in Parry Sound!

Now…even though I am by no means an avid fisherwoman, I KNOW there are tons of people that are going to take full advantage of this next week.  Beginning this Saturday, July 4th, 2015, through until the 12th, there is LICENSE-FREE Fishing across Ontario!  (I’m sure the fish are thrilled about this…)

Parry Sound has over 100 inland lakes as well as the famous Georgian Bay, which attracts thousands of “water hunters” and this week will definitely give new goers a taste of the rush!  It’s not for everyone…myself included, there’s a story there, I’ll fill you in after.

There is a couple of websites that offer great tips, show maps and give restrictions for types and areas.

Ontario’s Site  or if you are in a different province Canadawide info

Even though I am not able to share great fishing stories, I’d love to hear yours and so would others!

What is your favorite lake to go in the Parry Sound area?  Biggest catch?

Have Fun! Be Safe!  And Enjoy cooking some fresh dinners during the week!


— Want to know why I don’t fish anymore?  The last time I did, I caught a fish RIGHT IN THE EYE, and it popped the eye right out!  There ended my careers in fishing…and optometry.


fish eye patch



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