Summer Is HERE in Parry Sound!

Summer 2015

The Farmer’s Market tent is open, the weekly Summer Market in the park begins next Tues June 30th – and runs every Tuesday from 9am until 2pm. That means the season is finally here! Even though most days it still doesn’t quite feel like it. School’s out this week, and it’s time to start planning some vacation!

It sounds like Tuesday is the day to be in Downtown Parry Sound! From the Market during the day, to Bands on the Bay at the Stockey Centre beginning at 7pm every Tuesday, as well as another outdoor business booth area by the Town Docks from 6pm-8pm!

You can see the line-up for the bands by clicking here:  Stockey Centre

Coming up tomorrow is a returning amazing Canadian band – BLUE RODEO! They will be performing at the Bobby Orr Community Centre, (details also on the Stockey Centre’s website), and a after party at Boston Pizza! The live music continues with local talent Trisha Hewson playing some guitar!

Keep on enjoying Parry Sound and let’s get summer rollin!

FYI: The two pictures are photos that are views from two listings I have available for sale.  Details at my website CLICK HERE! – and credit goes to Boston Pizza for the Sangria picture.  The Drink Of Summer!  …Lastly, that’s my firepit. 😉

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