Boston Pizza has arrived!

The rumours circulated for years…Which restaurant was going to be opening in the south end of town.  In the real estate business, we get approached by people all the time either asking or telling us information that they “hear”.  I heard East Side Mario’s was coming, Boston Pizza and once I even heard Red Lobster was.  This always makes me laugh, but officially today-Boston Pizza IS INDEED open in Parry Sound!

Located on Bay Street just by the Stockey Centre, we welcome this franchise to town and wish them the best success! I was fortunate enough to drop by last night for the official ribbon cutting, tasting all the delicious pizza and meeting the staff and welcoming the owners to Parry Sound! Watch for a video coming up soon with a tour of the restaurant!

Here are a few pictures from last night, and I look forward to going to have a sit down meal very soon! The donation to the Salvation Army was raised by patrons tips during the few days of “dress rehearsal”.  Way to go BP!

image image image image image


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